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Product Profile- Reusable Bowl Covers

Product Profile- Reusable Bowl Covers
Product Profile- Reusable Bowl Covers

Let's be honest: Nobody actually enjoys using plastic wrap.  Whether you think it's practical or not, it's ALWAYS a nightmare trying to get off the roll is a halfway organized fashion.  It sticks to itself, the cutter half the time doesn't work, maybe you cut it too short and have to tear off a whole new piece.  Not to mention the obvious:  its single use plastic.  Gross.

While I don't proclaim to be a full-on zero-waster (nothing wrong with that at all!), I am a firm believer that we should all be making changes in our daily lives to reduce our use of plastic. Buying in bulk, using reusable bags or at least paper instead of plastic, reducing food waste and composting what's left, and of course avoiding anything single use is an amazing first step for the average consumer.  By making small but repeatable choices every day, it truly adds up and leads to more incremental changes in the future.  I've found that those who have reservations about "zero waste" are those who are intimidated by it.  It's often shown as an all-or-nothing approach and that deters people from even trying because going plastic-free seems so impossible.

I'm of the opinion that to get more people to reduce their use of plastic, we need to provide easy-to-use, fun alternatives. Something that catches the eye and makes them think "Wow, that's super cool. I'll give it a try". Then they're swapping out single-use for something reusable without even realizing it or at least in an easy way that isn't an inconvenience.

An adorable comic that illustrates this point perfectly is by Aware Animals. Be sure to check them out on Instagram too @Aware_Animals

Aware animals small steps


If you've seen my bowl covers, you'll notice they're typically bright, BOLD prints that are fun, whimsical, and just dang pretty.  There's a reason for it. If you put a few bowl covers in the drawer where you keep the plastic wrap and sandwich bags, what is your eye going to see first when you open that drawer?  The pretty prints and bright bowl covers, right? It makes it super easy to grab the reusable option instead of the plastic wrap.

reusable bowl cover for bread proofing

Print: Roses

I also discovered that bowl covers are a great way to up level a hostess gift or when you bring a dish to a party.  I've tested this out in my own life.  Even just bringing a plate of lemon bars for dessert instantly becomes a conversation starter when the host(ess) and guests see the covered plate and ask "Ooooo, that's that?". An instant opener to tell them about the reusable cover followed by a dramatic flourish when the tasty dish is revealed underneath. Spreading the word about reusable swaps-stealth mode. ;-)

While I call them bowl covers, really they can be used for so many different things.  Obviously bowls, plates, and serving dishes as a start.  However I've used mine to cover a watermelon half, to keep dust out of my stand mixer bowl when not in use, to proof the perfect sourdough bread in oval or circular bannetons, etc.

three reusable bowl covers

Prints: Golden floral, mint clementine, and navy floral

If you're looking to snag a few but aren't sure what size, I usually recommend one each of the small (8" bowls), medium (10" bowls), and large (12" bowls) as those cover most uses.  Each cover uses elastic and can fit an overlapping range of sizes so just because your bowl or plate isn't exactly 8", doesn't mean the small cover won't fit. If you have questions though, read the listing description for more info and if you're still unsure, just send me a message.  I'd be happy to help.



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