About Us

I created Wild Clementine Co. to provide handcrafted, quality products for your everyday life.  My mission is to bring you bright colors, quirky textiles, and artisan-made goods for pets, home, and daily use.  Every item is handmade with love in Washington State. 

photo: Camille Docena

Meet the Maker 

I’m so happy to share Wild Clementine Co. with you! If you’ve been around a while, you’ll remember the shop as “Six Tails”, a handmade shop I started on Etsy that carried only pet supplies.  In 2020, I took a leap of faith to rebrand the business to reflect the vision I had for the future.  While we will always be known for our high-quality, handmade pet supplies, I wanted an opportunity to create fun, beautiful goods for people as well.  As a maker at heart, I love creating and I hope Wild Clementine Co. can bring an extra little pop of fun, whimsy, and color to your days.

photo: Camille Docena  

A few fun facts about me!

1. I'm a die hard foodie. My idea of a perfect vacation is one that centers around all things food. (and maybe with a beach nearby...). I love love love cookbooks and weird, obscure ingredients.

2. I am a fish biologist by day.  I have hiked countless miles of stream and worked in five different states, and loved getting out and working with native fishes.  Now my job is focused on habitat restoration and is a little more desk-centric but it's critical work to help support our native fish species.

3. I have a weakness for bold textiles.  I literally cannot walk away from bright, dramatic prints or quilts.  It's a little concerning how much fabric I've stashed away for myself for future projects.  My current obsession is block-printed patterns- the brighter the better!

If you ever have any questions or would just like to say hello, use the contact form to send me an email or track me down on Instagram @WildClementineCo or @WildClementinePets


All the love,