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Mystery Print Sourdough Starter Jar Cover

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We've sold covers for sourdough starters for years by custom request but now they're officially in the shop. Fabric scraps add up fast around here so to reduce waste, we're offering our starter covers as mystery prints only (at least for the time being). This means your print could be one of literally about 50 prints, all fun and whimsical, but made in the same construction style as our classic reusable bowl covers with a waterproof liner.

Our sourdough starter covers are food-safe, machine washable, and even waterproof.  Each cover uses elastic to ensure a snug fit for mason jars and similarly sized containers. 

Please note that these covers will not prevent your starter from bubbling over. Additionally, because starter is wet, it may stick to the liner where a regular bread dough would not. As such, be sure to use a jar big enough to hold the amount of starter you are feeding.

Covers are modeled using a wide-mouth pint jar (16 oz). 


Measure across the widest part of the bowl (diameter) and order the size just larger. For example, if your bowl measures 9” across, order a 10” bowl cover. If your bowl measures 12” across, order the 12” bowl cover.  Odd shape? These circular bowl covers also do a good job covering ovals and squares. I use my covers for oval bannetons all the time. To figure out the size you need, measure across the longest dimension, then choose the size larger.  So if your Banneton is 9" long, order the 10" bowl cover.  If your square casserole dish measures 13", order the 14" cover.

Kitchenaid Mixer Bowls: Medium Dish Cover

Most round and oval bannetons: Medium Dish Cover

Note: If you want a cover for your sourdough starter, please order the MINI cover for mason jars as the XS will be too big for said jars.

Our liners are 100% food-grade, BPA-free, and machine washable. They are also waterproof which makes them perfect for keeping food fresh and proofing bread dough. Use them on the counter or in the fridge!

Machine wash or wipe liner clean with damp cloth. Do not use bleach. Air dry recommended but they are safe for the dryer.

You can wipe the waterproof liner with olive oil if needed to prevent any chance of sticking to enriched doughs like brioche. Often this isn't necessary though!

Do not use in the oven or microwave or to cover hot dishes immediately from the oven.