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Looking for a new vendor to replace The Mutt Mats Company dog mats?

Our handmade mats are already in use at several large training facilities and have replaced the Mutt Mats as the dog mat vendor for several training programs.   Our mats are a perfect Mutt Mat substitute because they are low profile, portable, and easily washable.  No zippers, velcro, or any other distractions. 

Dog Training Mat Features:

  • Bright, fun prints (we know the dogs don’t care but the owners might ;-)
  • 3 sizes to fit most dogs
  • Packable and Portable
  • Durable, 100% cotton fabric
  • Sturdy, single layer poly batting stitched in place
  • Handmade by a small, woman owned business using USA-made materials
  • Great for travel or for dog crates
  • More prints coming soon (see below for some current offerings)

The mats have been really popular at the training facilities we currently stock. While the price point is higher than Mutt Mats, our designs are modern and utilize USA-sourced materials and fashionable prints. We've received rave reviews and have already had requests for more.  You are also supporting a woman-owned business and providing jobs in a low-income area at the same time!

Current wholesale prices:

  • 20"x28" mat: $30.00
  • 24"x36" mat: $33.00
  • 28"x42" mat: $37.00

*You can still purchase mats directly from us if you are an individual customer. Just send us a message!

A note on pricing: please understand that our dog mats are made in the USA, with USA-made materials through a partnership with an amazing non-profit that is doing wonderful work in their community as well. Quality materials and living wages are expensive but it is important to me to ensure we are producing dog beds that align with our business values. We will continue to work to decrease prices wherever possible but unfortunately with supply chain issues in the last year, we've seen price increases for all materials across the board which is outside of our control. If you have additional questions or would just like to chat, please reach out!

Information for wholesalers, continued:

Shipping is calculated based on order size.  We do also offer the ability to sew on your company patch if needed.  This is an additional nominal charge.  Please contact me with information about your specific needs for a quote. 

Our turnaround time is approximately 5 weeks from time of order. This may fluctuate depending on order volume and the ever-present unknown complications related to COVID (ie: production delays if too many staff are out).  

Wholesale orders will include a variety of prints as it ensures your customers are guaranteed to find a print they love.  If you have general color requests, we will do our best to accommodate them subject to availability.

Please contact us for more information.

fabric choices for Mutt Mats Replacement Vendor
Clockwise from top left: Navy Boho, Grey Boho, Cream Cotton, Blue Cotton.  Example prints only.  
Mutt Mats Company
Print: Tan Boho
Mutt Mats Replacement
Print: Blue Anchors (not currently available)

Please contact us for more information: Click here