Product Profile: Convertible Leashes

There are two types of people.  Those that are orderly, prepared, and have all their essentials packed neatly in a purse or in their pockets.  Just the essentials: wallet, keys, phone.  Then there are those with their hands full of everything....wallet, keys, phone obviously but then let's add in the chapstick, headphones, latte, sunglasses, etc.  Can you guess which one I am?  Definitely the latter.  Things get instantly compounded when I add the dog (or dogs) to the mix.  Now it's the leash, poop bags, dog treats, and everything else already mentioned. Disaster waiting to happen. While I can't solve the problem of everything else you carry around, I can solve the dog-related full-hands issue. Hear me out....

One of our bestsellers is our convertible, hands-free leash.  Basically this style of rope leash has a clasp on each end and two adjustable o-rings that allow you to wear it cross-body, around your waist, or carry like a traditional leash with a handle.  You can also clip the leash easily to a chair or table leg if you're out to lunch with your pooch or need to tie them off for a moment. The main reason I love the hands-free leash option is that I can carry my wallet, keys, phone and heck, even a latte, and not worry about my dog yanking everything out of my hand.  (No, we don't have good leash manners in case you were wondering). These leashes are also easy to carry if you are in an off-leash area with your doggo.  Just loop the leash and wear it cross body so you aren't stuck carrying it.

Rainbow Convertible Dog Leash
Our convertible rainbow leash featured here as a 1/2" thick option.


Our convertible leashes come in a standard 7-ft length.  That may sound long but this allows ample room to create a cross-body loop.  We currently offer three sizes so you can choose what's perfect for a chihuahua or a great dane.  If your dog is a strong puller, we recommend ordering a size up.

When you receive your leash, you'll want to try it on so you can figure out where the o-rings need to be positioned.  I typically set one o-ring where I would like to clip the leash while wearing it cross-body.  The other o-ring I'll set where I'd use it as a regular leash handle. 

To adjust the o-ring, you simply pinch the o-ring between your fingers and thumb and grasp the leash firmly in the other hand.  Pulling firmly in opposite directions, twist the o-ring along the rope to move it.  The twisting motion is key as that helps the ring slide along the rope length.  Don't just pull straight down.  It's really easy though once you have it in hand-somewhat more difficult to explain in words.  To help you visualize, check out this Instagram video I took showing how to move the rings: Video on how to adjust your convertible leash.

Here is one of our favorite color options for convertible leashes. 



Aqua and Apple


NOTE:  We have totally overhauled our dye and it's so much better! As such though, old color styles are not available.  I will be rebuilding the collection over the next few months so be sure to check the current list of options here.  Better yet, follow the pet IG @WildClementinePets to get sneak peeks of new colors as I make them!

A few other details about our leashes:

  • hand-spliced with durable, time-tested techniques
  • whip finishes secure the rope ends
  • biodegradable cotton rope can be composted after leash is retired
  • great for all sizes of dogs

We'd love to hear what your favorite leash color is!  Drop a comment with your fave or any new color ideas we could maybe try!

Happy dog walking :-)